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TU Dublin has been participating in the NIBS Worldwide Case Competition since 2003.  In 15 of those years, students from the TUD Faculty of Business advanced to the Championship Round held in locations around the world.   The professionalism and the competitive environment prepares students to excel in future careers.

In the NIBS Championship Round, 16 teams of four students and advisors come together in a single location for a week of intense activity in case solving and networking.  The event gives the host university an opportunity to showcase the strengths of its programs, and provides volunteer leadership activities for students.  Participants—competitors, coaches, organisers, volunteers, judges, and sponsors alike—forge relationships that often last for many years.

As a sponsor of this unique event, you’ll benefit from a range of opportunities:

  • Showcase your brand.  Promote your organisation to a select group of individuals including: corporate executives, senior policymakers, leading academics, top undergraduate business students, and media outlets.  Sponsors enjoy visibility across a variety of media, along with opportunities to contribute to the gift bags for participants and judges.
  • Attract world-class talent.  Engage with talented, job-ready business students  and identify top candidates that can make a tangible difference in your organisation.  Sponsors have access to an exclusive digital profile and networking book with contact information for competition participants.  If considering expansion into different markets or finding suppliers, just think of the network this provides to reach out.
  • Network with likeminded peers.  Connect with other senior managers in a unique setting that focuses attention on critical international business issues and facilitates creative thinking.
  • Support business education.  Give back to the community by supporting world-class business education in Iowa.  NIBS competitors learn to think on their feet, consider various viewpoints, work in diverse teams, and be more aware of opportunities for collaboration globally.
  • Connect with the TUD Faculty of Business.  Connect with business educators, and explore opportunities for partnerships that could directly benefit your company.

From Our Students

The NIBS Case Competition is truly a special international eventbut don’t just take our word for it.  Here are a few thoughts from past competitors:

“The NIBS Worldwide Case Competition is easily one of my fondest college memories. One of my first opportunities to put to practice all the business learning and problem-solving skills they teach you in the classroom. Not only was the competition an exciting challenge, the network of high performing students from other colleges is as invaluable as you want to make it. I’m still in touch with fellow competitors, (now business professionals) whom I haven’t seen since 2015.”

—Evan Lefebure, NIBS Championship team 2015, awarded Best Individual Presenter.

“I remember my time in the NIBS competition fondly. It is easily one of the most enjoyable and educational extracurricular activities I participated in throughout my ungraduated experience at UNI. I was on a team with three others who I did not know well going into the experience, but that quickly changed with the intense practice case studies, competition, and travel to Rennes, France to compete in the finals. Throughout this experience, we quickly realized there is too much to do (or too little time), and you must trust the skills and judgement of your teammates. This was excellent preparation for just about any post-academic business career in which you are provided with incomplete and ambiguous information with which to complete projects with many individuals from various functional roles. In addition to the very real and practical learnings and experience from participating in the NIBS case competition, there is the extensive network I have valued over the years. Though I competed prior to the pervasiveness of social media, I have maintained connections with many of the participants I met from the other countries (including some of the hosts and volunteers). But I cannot understate how close you can grow with your teammates. Today, I am writing this testimonial from Sedona, Arizona. I flew in and arrived just an hour ago to attend the wedding of one of my closest friends and fellow NIBS teammate. As you may have guessed, it was this experience that led to such a strong bond. In short, there is so much value academically, professionally, and personally that comes from this competition.”

—Cody Myers, NIBS Championship team 2005

“NIBS was such a great experience! There are few experiences in college like it that truly prepare you for the real world. NIBS forced you to think on your toes, be flexible, come up with a smart business plan, and present it with confidence. I was able to use the skills I learned from training and competing at NIBS in my interview process and professional life.”

—Hannah Vollmar, NIBS Championship team 2014

Sponsorship Levels

  • Presenting Sponsor – 1 at €10,000
  • Gold – 3 available at €4,000
  • Silver – 5 available at €3,000
  • Supporter – €1,000 and below

We welcome additional expressions of interest, including in-kind contributions.  Potential opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship of a meal, reception, or event
  • Sponsorship of specific spaces: e.g., coaches’ lounge, judges’ lounge, presentation rooms
  • Subsidized pricing on accommodation, transportation, food, banquet facilities, etc.
  • Sponsored hosting of competition participants during cultural and social programs
  • Advertising on the competition website, in official documentation, and at the event
  • Donation of materials for competition participants: e.g., competition t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.

We invite you to explore the many ways that sponsorship of the NIBS Worldwide Case Competition can benefit you.  For more information, please contact us via email at


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