Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Left to right: Virgil van de Gevel (coach), Max de la Croix, Alina Riecker, Lisa Schnelte, and Patrik Kurilla

About the Team

Virgil van de Gevel (Coach).  Virgil teaches courses in marketing, strategic management and marketing research at Avans. He has a broad range of marketing management and research experience with blue chip companies including Campina, Novartis, T-Mobile, Sara Lee and PepsiCo. His current focus is in data science. Virgil is also a member of the Examination Board for the Dutch Marketing Institute, which provides qualifications at the Master’s level for experienced marketers.

Max de la Croix. Max is a second-year International Business student. He is currently interning in Edinburgh, where he is focused on recruitment and company processes. A top student, Max is dedicated and passionate about being able to make a difference where it counts. As such, he brings a well-rounded approach to business to the NIBS competition. After finishing his studies at Avans, Max plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Business and seek further challenges and opportunities around the globe.

Alina Riecker. Born in Germany, Alina is a second-year International Business and Management student. She is enrolled in the Avans double degree program, a partnership with the ESB Business School in Germany. As a participant in the Challenge Program, Alina is one of the top 15 students in her cohort. She also has extensive international experience, having lived in Germany, the United States, the Netherlands and Mexico. Currently, she is completing an internship in the Quality Management department at Volkswagen de México. Her future career plans include a gap year of volunteering, a Master’s degree in Finance or Strategy, and work for an international consulting firm.

Lisa Schnelte.  Lisa is a German second-year student studying International Business with a major in Cross-Cultural Management. Her program includes study in Spanish and Chinese; in her third and fourth year she will focus on non-profits, human rights and fundraising. Lisa has worked in a German manufacturing company for two years, gaining experience in accounting, sales, distribution and purchasing. She also spent a year in the United States for study and work. In her free time, she likes to volunteer, meet friends, and engage in sports such as running, basketball, and going to the gym. Lisa plans to pursue a Master’s degree in business psychology.

Patrik Kurilla.  Born in Slovakia, Patrik is an international student at Avans University of Applied Sciences. He is currently in his second year of Bachelor of Business Administration studies, majoring in International Business. He gained international experience after winning a full scholarship to complete his senior year of high school at a private school in the United States. More recently, he has been involved in a tropical research project at Manu National Park in Peru. He is currently preparing for a work placement at Amgen Europe.