Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

L-R: Nick Noller, Lene Haas, Virgil van de Gevel (Coach), Lisa Schrade, Sonja Kappeler

Nick Noller

Born and raised in the Southern part of Germany, Nick soon showed great interest in cultural diversity as well as studying in an international setting when, at age 15, going abroad to Christchurch, New Zealand to study at Burnside High School and completing Year 11 with excellence. Later, during the summer break of each of his last two years of High School, he went to Namibia to complete a traineeship at Palmwag Lodge, as well as to France to work at the tourist information of Montbéliard. After finishing high school, desiring to give back to society, Nick decided to do a voluntary social service focusing on teaching refugees and primary school children. Thereafter, he commenced his studies of International Business at Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda, the Netherlands completing the first year with honours. He currently is in his second year doing an internship at TUI Sweden. After completion, he will continue his studies at the University of Reutlingen, Germany to pursue his double degree.

Lene Haas

Lena is working towards a Dutch-German double degree in International Business. Lene highly values the opportunity to study in two different countries. In this international study program, she engages in tutoring fellow students and is a member of the faculty’s quality control council. Currently, Lene does an internship in the marketing department of Fjällräven, a Swedish company specialised in producing outdoor equipment. She is passionate about all kinds of outdoor sports and dedicates most of her free time to it. This is the reason why Lene strives to pursue a career in the outdoor industry. One key value that is important to her is sustainability.

Lisa Schrade

Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Lisa is currently in her 4th year studying International Business at Avans University of Applied Sciences as part of a double degree program with her German university, ESB Reutlingen. She has already completed all curricular courses and exams and is now writing her bachelor thesis at Kraft Heinz in Amsterdam. Lisa was a member of ESB Student Consulting and was staffed on a brand strategy project with a German bakery chain. She has gained previous work experience during internships in a bank anda startup. Lisa has a passion for sports, politics, and intercultural exchange. She also plans to pursue a career in an international environment.

Sonja Kappeler

A Stuttgart native, who spent 2014 on exchange in Italy, consequently decided to change school in order to graduate bilingually. Hereby, Sonja obtained a prized German-Italian A-level. She is in her 2nd year of the International Business Study program at AVANS University. Currently, she is an active member of the AVANS Student Society, enthusiastically engages in the organization of events for international students and participates in the Challenge program. As a next step, she plans on going to Piacenza, Italy, for the Dutch-Italian Double Degree.

Virgil van de Gevel (Coach)

Virgil teaches different courses in the field of Marketing, Strategic Management, Data Science and Marketing Research. He has marketing management and marketing research experience with Campina (dairy), Novartis, T-Mobile, Sara Lee, and PepsiCo. He holds a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Data Science Management. He is also member of the Examination Board and Examiner of the Dutch Marketing Institute, which provides qualifications at Master’s degree-level for experienced marketers.