Carleton University, Canada


Left to right: Cason Bravener, Julie Agbor, Simera Negeri, and Cassie Lee

About the Team

Cason Bravener.  Cason is a fourth-year Bachelor of International Business student, concentrating in International Financial Management and Systems with a minor in Spanish. He has experience working for Canadian shipping companies, and is interested in global macroeconomic trends and international trade. Outside of academics, he enjoys travelling and trying exotic food, and is a follower of many different sports, including basketball, football, and hockey.

Julie Agbor.  Julie is a fourth-year Bachelor of International Business student, majoring in Global Financial Management and minoring in Japanese. She enjoys playing basketball, running and swimming. In her spare time, Julie volunteers with local charities. During her exchange year in Japan, she gained first-hand experience adapting to different ways of life and business practices. She hopes to one day become a financial advisor in a global firm.

Simera Negeri.  Simera is a fourth-year Bachelor of International Business student with a concentration in International Marketing and Trade and a minor in Spanish. She works part-time for the Government of Canada and enjoys a range of extracurricular activities. She has a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures, and spent a year abroad living in Málaga, Spain. Her hobbies include fashion and visual arts.

Cassie Lee.  Cassie is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student concentrating in Marketing, with a keen interest in Information Systems. She began her case competition life at the Belgrade Business International Case Competition in 2017 and continued to stay involved by captaining Sprott’s case teams at this year’s Jeux du Commerce (Central) event. Outside of the case room, she is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, baker, record collector, and lover of science fiction movies.

Robert Curtis (Coach, not pictured).  Rob is a graduate of the Sprott School of Business and interim coordinator of the school’s case competition program. He has a long history with cases, including competing as a member of Carleton’s championship-winning 2014 NIBS Case Competition team in London, England. He currently works full-time for the Canadian Medical Association.