EPHEC, Belgium

L-R: Anne Castermans (Coach), Florient Pieraert, Elina D’haemer, Célia De Coster, Gauthier Poilvache

Anne Castermans (Coach)

After working in private (inter-) national companies for 14 years on the side of the manufacturer/advertiser and of the side the agency, Anne started combining her professional career with education from 2004. She teaches Market Research, Sales Techniques, Retail Management, and Digital Marketing to the Bachelors of Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (EPHEC). She also promotes international internships. Anne was educated in both national languages – in Dutch with her father and in French with her mother – and got a year scholarship to study English in Oxford when she was 17. With her husband, she has lived and worked in the Dallas, Texas for 2 years and in Hungary for 3 years. They transmitted the international spirit to their 4 children.

Florient Pieraert

Born in Brussels, Belgium, and living in Ath, Florient is in his 2nd year of Marketing at EPHEC. During his last years of college, he did drop shipping with friends and was for that project his own boss. Florient is particularly fond of music. He plays the guitar and also composes songs using computer programs. Florient also plays football and is a member of a futsal club.

Elina D’haemer

A native of Brussels, Elina is a 2nd year Bachelor of Marketing student at EPHEC. In 2015, she was the Logistics/Stock Manager of IceLed. She also participated in Défi Belgique Afrique (DBA), which consists of providing development aid in disadvantaged/underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia. Elina has a passion for marketing, social business, and microfinance to fight poverty. In the future, she would like to work in international development.

Célia De Coster

Célia is a 21-year-old student in her second year of marketing at EPHEC. She is a young woman interested in the world of business, marketing and communications. Her creative spirit is confirmed by her passion for fashion and art. It should be noted that for Célia, ambition is a very important element. Full of projects and ideas in her mind, it is thanks to her experience in the professional world (managing the communication of a clothing store) that she is continuously motivated to make her dreams come true in the business world.

Gauthier Poilvache

Born in Brussels and raised in Lasne, Gauthier is a 2nd year Marketing student at EPHEC in Louvain-la-Neuve. He spent a semester in Fort Collins, Colorado, as an exchange student in 2014 with WEP, which helped him acquire some essential English skills. Eager to gain experience, Gauthier hopes to spend a semester as an Erasmus student in England to further develop his English and open up to the local culture. NIBS is his first business case competition experience. He plans to pursue a career in digital marketing.