London South Bank University, United Kingdom

L-R: Sarthak Boob, Cicily Asetre, Christina Anderl (Coach), Alvira Khan, Merna Gerges


About the Team

Sarthak Boob
Born and raised in India, Sarthak is a final-year student in the Bachelor in Economics and Finance programme, focused on development economics and global trade. He participated in the 2012 state- and national-level basketball championships, and has a keen interest in sports. After graduation, he plans to pursue graduate studies in political economics and aspires to work as an economist. Sarthak is focused and likes to work under pressure. He starts his day with one principle—keep it simple.

Cicily Asetre
Cicily is an accounting and finance student in the final year of her program. She completed her treasury internship at United Bank Limited in the summer of 2018, and currently works as a financial researcher for a market database company. As an international student in London, Cicily loves meeting people from different backgrounds and enjoys the variety of gastronomical experiences available in the city. She is excited to start her career as an accountant and apply knowledge gained in university—particularly from taking part in case competitions.

Christina Anderl (Coach)
Christina is a Senior Lecturer in Economics and Associate Head of Division at London South Bank University. She is the Course Director for all economics undergraduate courses and the business school lead for international recruitment and collaboration. She also manages the business school relationship’s with the Institute of Directors and their student membership scheme at LSBU. Christina is passionate about all things international; her specialisation is in International Finance and Financial Econometrics. Prior to joining LSBU, she worked as an economic analyst in the foreign exchange derivatives market.

Alvira Khan
Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in India, Alvira is in the final year of her studies, focused on development economics and managerial finance. In 2014, she took part in the Speak-Out Challenge was a regional finalist; more recently, she completed a diversity programme at I-Accelerator and worked on a project for Microsoft. Alvira has a passion for fitness and travelling to develop her intercultural insights. She plans to pursue a career in international strategic management and is currently seeking opportunities in a multinational firm.

Merna Gerges
Merna was born and raised in Egypt, and is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in business management and accounting. She is currently on a work placement year as an accounting and financial analyst in the hospitality sector. Merna’s competition experience includes participating in a variety of business 24-hour challenges; she also prepared a business plan for an SME supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Investment. She has a passion for travelling and drawing, and plans to pursue a career in auditing.