Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Left to right:  Lars Vonk, Ankie Lemmens, Tiana Schipper, Bart Scheffers, and Hans van Oudheusden (coach)

About the Team

Lars Vonk.  Born in the Netherlands, Lars is a fourth-year Business Economics student. His international experience includes an internship at General Motors in Germany and participation in the International Business Pressure Cooker initiative at Rotterdam University. His keen interest in problem-solving led Lars to participate in a case training boot camp in Germany and the 2017 Rotterdam International Case Competition. In the future, he is interested in working in consulting and finance.

Ankie Lemmens.  Ankie is a third-year Business IT and Management student.  She has lived in Rotterdam for five years, but grew up in a small village in the south of the Netherlands. She recently completed a full-time internship in the Business Intelligence & Data Science department of a large bicycle retailer in the Netherlands. Ankie now works as a peer coach for an international project focused on connecting student developers from Russia, Ukraine; and Austria with Dutch students.

Tiana Schipper.  Tiana is a fourth-year Business Economics student and part of the Honours Program at Rotterdam University. She was delighted to discover cases in the second year of her degree program and has made it a focus of her studies. Tiana was a competitor at the inaugural Rotterdam International Case Competition in 2017. After graduating, she plans to draw on her experience to secure an internship in accounting and business consulting.

Bart Scheffers.  Bart is concentrating in Business Management. His business case adventure started in 2017 when he participated in a small competition at his study association. Apart from solving cases, he is a fanatic rower. If you can’t find him in a boat, look for him travelling somewhere with his camera. This year he played a lead role in a case competition for the Rotterdam Business School called “The Battle of Business.”  After graduation, he plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Strategic Management at Erasmus University.

Hans van Oudheusden (Coach).  After graduating from Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands, Hans took a job teaching business German at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Since then, he has expanded his expertise to include Economics and Finance. Hans is currently Head of International Relations for the School of Financial Management at Rotterdam University, where he oversees all international semesters, international projects and competitions, student exchange and internships, and institutional partnerships. He has served as president of the Network of International Business Schools since 2016.