Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Left to right: Karin Turunen, Thanh Nguyen, Alex Dyer, Mathias Søe Hansen, and Anssi Pajala (coach)

About the Team

Karin Turunen.  Born and raised in Finland, Karin is a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student studying International Trade and Business Logistics. She took part in the 2017 Rotterdam International Case Competition and was a team ambassador at the 2017 NIBS competition in Rauma. Her interest in different cultures and languages prompted her to pursue language studies and serve as a tutor for incoming and exchange students. After graduation, Karin would like to work in international business, either as a buyer or transporting assistant.

Thanh Nguyen.  Born and raised in Vietnam, Thanh is a second-year student in Supply Chain Management. During his first year in Vietnam, he started his own business with a group of friends and developed expertise in the field of Marketing. In 2017, he served as a team ambassador for the 2017 NIBS case competition, which inspired him to participate in the 2017 competition in Rotterdam and NIBS 2018. Thanh aims to pursue a career in consulting, and sees NIBS as an ideal opportunity to prepare for his chosen field.

Alex Dyer. Born in Finland, Alex is a second-year Bachelor of Business Administration student in International Business. He previously participated in the 2017 Rotterdam International Case Competition, and served as a team ambassador at the 2017 NIBS competition. Alex has also served as an international tutor, helping exchange students during their time at Satakunta University. In the future, he plans to pursue a career in international business and learn new languages.

Mathias Søe Hansen. Mathias was born and raised on the west coast of Denmark, but has lived in Finland the past one and a half years. Before moving to Finland, he spent half a year in the south of Spain working as a sales consultant. Mathias is currently in his fourth semester of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, and served as a team ambassador at the 2017 NIBS competition. After graduating, he plans to pursue an MBA.

Anssi Pajala (Coach).  A Senior Lecturer at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), Anssi was born in Finland and grown up in Sweden and Finland.   His main teaching areas are Business Logistics and Business administration, but he has also been heavily involved in research groups working with business development. After graduating with an M.Sc. from the Turku School of Economics, he commenced a career in the field of materials management and logistics. Before joining SAMK, Anssi worked with Nokia Networks in various operational and management positions in Finland, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.