Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala

L-R: Marleen Campbell (Coach), María José López Zacarías, Javier Galindo, Itziar Pulez, Nicole Wilson

María José López Zacarías

Born and raised in Guatemala, María is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration student with a dual minor in Finance and Marketing. She just started working in Municipalidad de Guatemala evaluating projects and impacts in the applied areas within the city. As part of the university program, she completed a short internship in Grupo Pantaleon at the energy department developing official process templates, support in energy seminar, and international databases among other tasks that potentiated the emerging department. She likes to be an active person in the environments in which she develops, and as part of this, she has participated in groups such as protocol and debate of the university. Her priorities are her ideals and values, family, friends, studies, and her country of origin. Her greatest aspiration is to generate a positive impact on her Guatemalan society from her professional performance and personal bases.

Javier Galindo

Raised in Guatemala, Javier is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration student studying Business and Marketing. Javier was part of an internship at CBC (The Central America Bottling Corporation) working on Trade Marketing strategies for local supermarkets in 2017. He also completed an internship at PepsiCo, working as a Field Marketing Intern, leading a Pricing and a Seasoning Packs project. Javier has a passion for marketing, finances, music and politics. He plans to focus on marketing, to work on the mass consumption industry and to start and advertising company.

Itziar Pulez

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Itziar is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration student with a dual minor in Marketing and Finance. In 2018, she participated in InnovaUnis, a multidisciplinary team of students that worked together to give innovative solutions to big corporations in Guatemala through a one-year process of design thinking and constant presentations of the business. Itziar was also an intern at a microfinance organization called FINCA in 2017 and was responsible for overseeing a market research run in small Guatemalan villages. In addition to NIBS, Itziar will represent Universidad del Istmo in UNICC case competition in Universidad de Navarra, Spain. She plans to pursue a career in data analytics with a focus on marketing.

Nicole Wilson

Born in Guatemala City, Nicole is a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration student with a dual minor in International Commerce and Finance. President of the Student Council for the Faculty of Business Economics during 2017, she oversaw the improvement of the student user experience as well as coordinated business conferences. Nicole worked part-time at a logistics company participating in a market research project on the US Supermarket Industry, as well as overseeing the tracking of melon exports in 2016/2017. In addition to NIBS, Nicole will represent Universidad del Istmo at UNICC case competition in Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) in March 2019. Nicole has a passion for social altruism and finance and plans to work in consulting.

Marleen Campbell (Coach)

Marleen has been working at the Universidad del Istmo for 12 years. She is the Director of the International Business Program at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences. Marleen teaches cases, advertising, media, Public Relations, and Global Marketing. Born into a Pluricultural family, Marleen has always had openness to all cultures, as she has roots from Scotland, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Apart from teaching, Marleen is also a dive instructor who has taken to know beaches and spectacular places globally.