Qualifying Round

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The Qualifying Round of the NIBS Case Competition is conducted at each participating university under the supervision of the team’s faculty advisor or official designate. Teams have eight hours to review the assigned case and prepare a written report containing their analysis and recommendations. These reports are then evaluated by a panel of expert judges chosen by the host institution, and the results used to select the 16 teams that will advance to the Championship Round.

Each year, one spot in the Championship Round is reserved for a new entrant—a team from a university that has not previously participated in the Championship Round—to ensure that the competition remains enriched by diverse perspectives. Spots are also reserved for the host school and the previous year’s host.

     >> Review the rules and guidelines applicable to the Qualifying Round
     >> See the key dates and deadlines for the competition
     >> See the Qualifying Round Evaluation Form

Preparing for the Qualifying Round

We strongly recommend that teams hold at least one practice session prior to the Qualifying Round.  Ideally, this should be done under conditions identical to those they will face when completing the Qualifying Round case.  To assist in this process, teams should review sample case reports from previous years of the competition.

2019 Qualifying Round

Extraordinary Journeys: Wild Times in the Safari Industry
(available for purchase from Ivey Publishing)
2019 Sample Report #1 | 2019 Sample Report #2 | 2019 Sample Report #3 | 2019 Sample Report #4

2018 Qualifying Round

CJ E&M: KCON Goes Global
(available for purchase from Harvard Business Publishing)
2018 Sample Report #12018 Sample Report #2 | 2018 Sample Report #3 | 2018 Sample Report #4

2017 Qualifying Round

Suominen Wipes the Slate Clean
(available for purchase from Harvard Business Publishing)
2017 Sample Report #1 | 2017 Sample Report #2 | 2017 Sample Report #3 | 2017 Sample Report #4

2016 Qualifying Round

Mindray Medical International Limited: Going Global from China
(available for purchase from The Case Centre)
2016 Sample Report #1 | 2016 Sample Report #2 | 2016 Sample Report #3 | 2016 Sample Report #4

2015 Qualifying Round

Ethiopian Airlines: Bringing Africa Together
(available for purchase from Ivey Publishing)
2015 Sample Report #1 | 2015 Sample Report #2 | 2015 Sample Report #3 | 2015 Sample Report #4

2014 Qualifying Round

Can Stenders Clean Up on the UK High Street?
(free download)
2014 Sample Report #1 | 2014 Sample Report #2